The Heart of Montreal’s West Island

The origin of Pointe-Claire goes back to the 17th century when deforestation of the riverbank was advanced enough that the opening of a road along the south shore of the lake, up to the tip of the island, was decreed. In relation with the peninsula that it formed, the “pointe claire ” was chosen for the construction of a fort to protect the colonists from attacks by the Iroquois.  In 1845, Pointe-Claire became the municipality of Saint-Joachim-de-la-Pointe-Claire, which will be incorporated under the abbreviated name of Pointe-Claire in 1911. Pointe-Claire is known for its historical center, “the village”  and buildings, especially the Pointe-Claire’s commonplace Mill, classified cultural property on April 8th, 1982.

The citizens of Pointe-Claire choose this municipality for its historic charm, its quality of life, the facilities proximity and the exceptional accessibility to Montreal downtown and to the whole Montreal West Island.


You have options

Beat rush hour!  Find Cedar, Valois, and Pointe-Claire stations only 4 minutes away.

Enjoy a short stroll to the 485, 202, 201, 200, and 72 lines.

Easily access highway 40, highway 20, Chomedey, and Décarie.

Whether you are vacationing or on business, the Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport is a convenient 11 minutes away.


Better in motion

Since 1967, Pointe-Claire has had a high-calibre Aquatic Centre offering diverse programming for all ages. The location is perfectly suited for fitness programs, recreational swimming, swimming and diving lessons, and lifesaving courses.

The Bob-Birnie Arena hosts many sports events as well as a wide range of programs offered in partnership with sports associations. For competitive sports or family enjoyment, the Bob-Birnie Arena is a great place to be!

Founded in 1956, the West Island YMCA in Pointe-Claire is one of Montréal’s largest fitness centres. Day camps, private trainers, day care, squash courts, and fitness classes are among their services.

Hot Yoga classes for everyone, beginners to advanced, people of all ages, male and female.


Welcome back

CF Fairview Pointe Claire is the perfect shopping destination in the West Island with over 200 stores, boutiques and restaurants. Arguably the most popular  shopping center on the Island of Montreal.

Located across the street, a range of goods & services from medical care to groceries and clothing.

Visit Centre Terrarium for all your shopping needs, conveniently located at the same intersection as Quartier Greenwich.

Find restaurants, a library, a sports centre and Nature Pet Centre among other useful services and shops.


Breath it in

This ecologically valuable urban woodland was made into a park by the City of Pointe-Claire to preserve its diversity and make it accessible to the public. Nature lovers and outdoors enthusiasts are delighted by the variety and abundance of its plant and animal and life.

Chemin Du Bord-du-Lac is a 20km scenic route linking the municipalities of the West Island of Montreal along Lac Saint-Louis.

Since 1879, PCYC has been a home to sailors, from young novices to world class racers, and from weekend cruisers to anyone who just enjoys being on the water.

Incorporated in 1904. Home of the Phoenix Invitation, it is renowned as one of the friendliest and most prestigious competitions in the area – a highlight of the Quebec golfing season.


Express yourself

Ballet Ouest de Montréal’s repertoire is a diverse and complete lineup of performances that will delight young and old audiences alike.

Break City is the first and only dance school in Canada to specialize in breakin’. They pride themselves in empowering todays’ youth through the elements of hip hop.

Founded over 50 years ago, the conservatory of music, located in Pointe Claire, has maintained its reputation as one of the most elite music schools in the country.

A music school offering personalized private music lessons, rock band classes, music for toddlers programs, recitals and recordings.


Train your brain

In 1965, the Pointe-Claire Public Library was established as a municipal service. Among their services are archives, a kid zone, adult programs, digital media, open office workstations, and visits to senior citizens.

English language secondary school which opened in 1955, only a short walk down the road.

The second largest high school operated by the Lester B. Pearson School Board in Montreal. It was originally a Roman Catholic foundation.

West Island College is two schools under the same roof: an entirely French school and an English school with a French immersion program.Both schools are co-ed, independent, secondary schools offering enriched studies in French and English, leading to a D.E.S and recognized by the MELS.

Stacked Townhomes